Car Seat Compatible: The 2017 Ford Escape

When you think of a good time, what's the last thing that comes to mind? There's a fair chance your answer might be "car seat installation." Putting a car seat in is one of the biggest annoyances of parenthood, and many cars make the job harder than it has to be.

The 2017 Ford Escape is not one of those cars.

The recipient of an "A" rating for car seat compatibility from, the 2017 Escape helps car seat installation run smoother by providing high quality versions of the essentials every car seat needs.

Its interior, for instance, is nice and roomy. With five seats in total, its second seating row has plenty of space to house car seats of all sizes and varieties. In the aforementioned car seat tests, it was also found that many seats could even be used with minimal leg room loss to the people up front.

The Escape also boasts excellent tether anchors and latches. While these might not seem like a huge deal, a poorly implemented set of latches can add a ton of frustration to the installation process. The Escape's latches are easily located and even more easily accessed.

Little things like that can add up to the difference between pulling out your hair and a quick and painless car seat install. To find out the many big things the Escape does right as well, get in touch with Kelly Ford in Beverly, MA. Our Ford brand experts will be happy to answer your questions and acquaint you our inventory of new Ford cars.

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