Is Your Car at Risk of Being Stolen?

You might think your car is safe from being a target of grand theft auto—this isn't Boston after all, and you drive a Ford F-150, not a million-dollar sports car.

Actually, despite what movies would lead you to believe, most car thieves aren't after rare and expensive imports that they can drift and jump in high-speed chases with the police. The most common targets are the most popular vehicles sold. This lines up with the NHTSA's findings that put the Toyota Camry and Ford F-150 right at the top of the list of most frequently stolen models.

What can you do to prevent your truck from being stolen?

Contrary to the movies yet again, most thieves don't have elaborate plans, and they're not masterminds. They go for the easiest targets. In many cases, cars are stolen when the driver leaves the key inside, and the doors unlocked. July and August see the most car thefts of any month, because drivers leave their windows rolled down, making it easy for thieves to get inside without looking suspicious.

The NHTSA recommends locking doors and closing windows, never leaving your key in the vehicle, and parking in well-lit areas or a garage.

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