Explore the New 2018 Ford Fusion

The Ford sales team here at Kelly Ford Inc invites you to come to our dealership in Beverly, MA to discuss the 2018 Ford Fusion and see if it is the right car for you and your family. We can almost guarantee you will love it, and with good reason. Check out some of the features in the car:

Stylish design - Who does not want to drive around in a classy and stylish car? This car has just the right amount of style and comfort. You can use it to run errands and pick up the kids from school with the added touch of elegance. The car has excellent fuel consumption, especially its hybrid version that is suitable for environmentalists. Pothole detection technology helps you to have the most comfortable ride every time. Before you hit a pothole, your tires will be sent a signal, and they will avoid going into the hole.

If you are not yet convinced, then pay us a visit at Kelly Ford Inc in Beverly, MA and check out all the impressive features for yourself.

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