2018 Ford Fiesta is the Car for the Efficient Driver

Car lovers have a wide range of taste in vehicles. There are all types of automobiles out there that cater to the various needs of automotive consumers. Some desire a sporty type of car. There are others who need towing power and the ability to pull large loads of cargo. The more practical driver wants a simple experience with a vehicle. They simply need to get from one place to another with the least bit of hassle as possible. Does this describe you? The 2018 Ford Fiesta is designed for the more efficient customer, and we’re proud to introduce it to you today!

The new Ford Fiesta is a subcompact, hatchback four-seat vehicle. It is built to provide a safe commute and deliver a high rate of fuel efficiency. The powertrain will ensure that drivers receive the type of economic performance that is expected out of this particular automobile. Stop by Kelly Ford Inc today and talk with our team about the benefits of owning a 2018 Ford Fiesta. Our Beverly Ford dealership stays prepared to accommodate all customers and their questions.

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