How Long Does a Typical Car Battery Last?

A car battery typically lasts around three to five years, but there are many reasons for a battery to fail sooner. Each battery has a different warranty period. Warranties may be for as little as two years, but they could be for five years or more. Your battery may not last long enough before failing, and there are many reasons for this.

Faulty engine components can cause a heavy drain on your battery, and these cause your battery to reach the end of its charging cycles too soon. A car that requires new batteries too often may require services other than battery replacement. Excessive use of the radio or charging ports can rapidly deteriorate a battery, too.

If you believe that you may have battery issues, take your car down to our facility in Beverly, MA. Here at Kelly Ford Inc, we're always ready to service battery issues. We'll quickly replace your battery if it isn't performing properly with a trip to 211 Rantoul Street!

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