The High Performance 2019 Ford Fiesta

The 2019 Ford Fiesta is filled with features that make it a safe, fun, and reliable sub compact car. With two different engines to choose from, you'll never be lacking the power that you want. To further customize your vehicle, you'll be able to select between a manual or automatic transmission. Kelly Ford can show you your various options.

To help you drive under challenging conditions in Beverly, MA, the Ford Fiesta is equipped with AdvanceTrac Electronic Stability Control. It will modulate the engine torque whenever it detects a wheel that is slipping and help you keep your vehicle going in the right direction.

Regardless of your driving style, the Ford Fiesta is designed to keep you protected. Maintaining control when you need to stop is important. The anti-lock brakes will assist you with slowing without skidding when you're trying to stop on ice, gravel, or wet roads.

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