Does the Ford C-Max have Speed-Sensitive Volume Control?

Though the Ford C-Max is quieter than conventional gas-driven cars, the engineers recognized that road noise can still cause audio overlay, reducing the quality of your listening experience during high speeds. Thus, they added the component of Speed-Sensitive Volume Control to the Smart System.

Speed-Sensitive Volume Control works with your speaker system in coordination with your speedometer. Audio that is rich and pleasing while driving around Beverly finds distortion from road sounds during high-speed activities on the highway. The Speed-Sensitive Volume Control automatically raises and lower the volume through your speakers during speed changes.

At Kelly Ford, we can help you to set your volume preference for city travel. The Speed-Sensitive Volume Control system automatically reaches that setting when you start your Ford C-Max. The vehicle’s computer is configured to recognize the driver and thus the preferences and adjusts the volume in response. The system allows you to drive without distraction.

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