Efficiency is Key in the Ford Transit Connect

Whether you need to deliver packages or transport passengers in Beverly, MA, the Ford Transit Connect is ready to perform at a high level. Visit Kelly Ford to customize this compact van that offers up to seven seats and an array of innovative amenities for frequent trips.

The EcoCoach technology analyzes the fuel economy of the Transit Connect in real time. If you drive too aggressively on the highway, you'll be encouraged to slow down and maintain an appropriate cruising speed. The EcoMode function improves the overall efficiency of the powertrain, transmission, and driveline.

A 2.0 L gasoline engine with direct injection is standard in this Ford van. This versatile powertrain can operate on E85 fuel, which consists mostly of ethanol instead of unleaded gasoline. If you select a model that's equipped with the EcoBlue engine, you'll have to fill the fuel tank with a special diesel grade that's known as B20.

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