Reviewing the Ford Explorer Capability Features

Your 2019 Ford Explorer SUV can be the key to happy driving, family trips, and great memories. Let us review some of the capability features of this fantastic vehicle.

Third Row Seating-You can choose to have three rows of seats if you happen to be carrying a lot of passengers with you on that particular day, or you may decide to fold down those seats to allow for additional room in the SUV for storage and towing.

Roll Stability Control-The incredible technology that goes into this SUV helps maintain certain standards while you are driving it. You don't have to worry about the vehicle losing grip while you are on a sharp incline for example. The Roll Stability Control helps take care of that.

LED Headlights-Some of the most high-quality headlights are found on this SUV. LED headlights make seeing at night just a little easier for you.

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